1,200 Stranded Spaniards Repatriated From Morocco on Boat

Iberia plane repatriates Spaniards stranded in Morocco
Iberia plane repatriates Spaniards stranded in Morocco. Image - Pixabay

1,200 SPANIARDS have been repatriated from Morocco today on a plane and boat.

Almost 1,200 Spaniards took a boat and a chartered plane this Easter Sunday, after nearly 4,000 people were stranded in Morocco when the country closed flights to Spain on Tuesday because of health reasons.


Shortly after 5:30 pm Spanish time, Balearia’s ship departed from the port of Tangier Med to Algeciras with 800 passengers aboard.

Around the same time that afternoon, an Iberia plane carrying 348 passengers left from Casablanca (Morocco) to Madrid.

It is also expected that an Iberia plane transported 200 travellers from Casablanca to Madrid after they were stranded in the country when flights were closed with France and Spain on March 31.

Although passengers had to fork out more money than expected on their trip, including new PCR tests, transportation to Casablanca and additional nights in hotels, there is a general feeling of relief on returning to Spain.

Iberia has made over 50 repatriation flights from countries including the Philippines and Austria – places it has not previously flown to – since the beginning of the pandemic.

Source: SER

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