Estimated 3000 Spanish Residents Stranded In Morocco

Estimated 3000 Spanish Residents Stranded In Morocco
Estimated 3000 Spanish Residents Stranded In Morocco. image: wikipedia

Estimated 3000 Spanish Residents Are Stranded In Morocco After Flights Were Suspended

It is estimated that around 3000 Spanish residents are currently stranded in Morocco after the Moroccan government decided to close travel links between the two countries to prevent the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Arancha González Laya, Spain’s Minister of Foreign Affairs provided these figures, asking citizens to be patient, saying in a statement to Zero Wave, “We have to be, because, in the same way that we put restrictions on other countries, they also put them, and when this happens it is useless to pick up the phone and call the Government to solve the problem”.


“But we all have to be tremendously responsible. In these moments of so much uncertainty in the borders and in the conditions of access to other countries, the best thing is to abstain from traveling. It is the most prudent thing to do”, she stressed.

The Spanish embassy in Rabat is reportedly organising a ferry on Sunday 4, between the ports of Tangier and Algeciras, for Spanish and Moroccan residents in Spain who want to return to the Spanish mainland.

Omaima, an International Trade student, was one of the lucky few able to catch the last flight to Barcelona on Tuesday 30, before the travel ban kicked in at 00:00, saying, “The situation was very desperate,” describing how the airlines inflated the prices of the last flights, and that she had spoken with people at the airport who had paid €1,200 euros for flights to Spain that would normally cost €200 or €300.

It seems laboratories are also taking advantage of the situation due to the demand for urgent PCR, “I paid €100 for the PCR, but there were people who told me they paid €200 euros!”, she said, also telling how she went to the Consulate and a national police officer told her, “don’t trust Baleària. If you have money, take a flight if you don’t want to be here until June”.

The girl added, “On the flight to Madrid, fake tickets were sold. A woman who was traveling with her daughter and her granddaughter had to fly alone because the girl and her mother had paid €400 euros for fake tickets”, as reported by

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