Meghan Markle Told To ‘Be Quiet’ After Offering To Forgive Royal Family

Meghan Markle Told To 'Be Quiet' After Offering To Forgive Royal Family
Meghan Markle Told To 'Be Quiet' After Offering To Forgive Royal Family. image: wikimedia

Meghan Markle Told To ‘Be Quiet’ After Making Her Offer To Forgive The Royal Family.

MEGHAN MARKLE has been told by Angela Levin, the influential royal commentator, to “be quiet,” after making what she described as her “unbelievable” offer of ‘forgiving the Royal Family’, just days after the Duke Of Edinburgh had died.

Friends of Meghan’s told the Daily Mail that reportedly, the Duchess of Sussex was ready to forgive the Royal Family for the way she had been treated, also claiming that Meghan allegedly “adored” Prince Philip and that the 39-year-old former ‘Suits’ actress “wants to put their differences aside” and “move on,” and that she doesn’t want to become the “centre of attention.”


Later it was revealed that the heavily pregnant Meghan had been advised, after medical assessments by her doctor, not to fly back for the funeral.

Angela Levin wrote the best-selling book, ‘Harry: Conversations with the Prince’, all about Prince Harry, and, after hearing the rumour about Meghan not flying back for the funeral, she tweeted a blunt message to her, with her thoughts, writing, “If Meghan didn’t want to be ‘centre of attention at the funeral’, told ‘friends’ she ‘adored Prince Philip’ and that she was ready to ‘forgive the Royal Family,’ she should be quiet.”

“Instead, all three comments show her patronising and grandiose behaviour. I don’t believe them,” adding, “Interesting that Meghan’s doctor has advised her not to fly because of her ‘condition’, yet so far has been happy for her to have a baby at home,” as reported by

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  1. lots of people have their own thoughts about megan but her behaviour gives credence to the reaction of Piers Morgan Also empty vessels make the most noise.

  2. On Harry what have you done. Dump that attention seeking downgrade lying ‘soap ‘
    actress. Is that really the best you could’ve found !?

  3. she is so clingy, I think she must of been a clingy child, first her mother, still her mother because she can silence her, and now Harry, she will be destructive to all other family to keep him to herself, and he must have needed her cling because he was so spoilt he couldnt be given enough.


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