Social media shut down for photo-shopped celebs

Photoshopped pics banned
MP calls for ban on filters and edited photos on social media

A PROPOSED new law could ban celebrities from secretly photoshopping their pictures on social media to change their image.

Tory MP Dr. Luke Evans has drawn up a Bill which would mean celebrities having to label images that have been digitally altered to inform the public.


Dr. Evans, member of the Health and Social Care Committee and a GP, said ”edited photos on social media were fuelling a mental health crisis as it was creating a warped view of beauty”.

Lauren Goodger, from The Only Way Is Essex, has been accused of altering her photos so significantly, she’s completely changed her body shape.

Last month, she was accused of, quite shockingly, editing a throwback picture of her as a child and her father to alter how her face and hair looked before posting it to Instagram,

Body positivity has been hitting headlines this week with Jonathan Ross’ daughter Honey on Loose Women speaking out about how “You’re either too thin or too fat, there seems to be no middle ground where anyone is happy, which is how I came to the conclusion that it was all nonsense.”


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