Embrace body confidence

Skinny Shaming
Stop skinny shaming and embrace body confidence

JUST like commenting on a person being overweight is fat-shaming, teasing people for being too thin is known as skinny shaming.

Body shaming of all types is unacceptable as it invokes a strong feeling of self- doubt, which can be harmful in the long run.


While significant attention has been drawn to fat-shaming, skinny-shaming continues to be a problem.

Be it fat, thin, tall, short, promoting all equally can help people, especially women, to become more confident in their appearances.

Social anxiety and eating disorders are some of the examples of body shaming effects. We must stop putting women down for their body weight and their waist sizes.

A healthy, balanced diet, with regular exercise, is the key to a healthy life.

But we need to live a happy life too.

Stop skinny shaming and embrace body confidence.

Credit – Facebook


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