Breaking News: Terror Attack in Berlin Injures Six

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Car hits pedestrians and motorcyclists then threatens to detonate ‘bomb’ in Berlin terror attack.

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REPORTS have come in after six people were injured in a suspected terror attack on a motorway in Berlin overnight after a pile-up was caused by a man attacking vehicles in an ‘Islamist terror attack,’ German prosecutors say.

Armed police rushed to the scene and overpowered the man after he was reported to have deliberately crashed into several motorbikes and scooters. Six people are understood to have been injured in the incident, three of them severely.

“According to the current state of our investigation this was an Islamist-motivated attack,” the local prosecutor’s office said. It is also understood that the man later stopped on the highway and put a box on the roof of his car claiming it had explosives inside.

However, specialists opened the box and found only tools. Long traffic jams continued today, with some 300 people stuck on the highway for hours. The German Red Cross was providing support, the Berlin fire department tweeted on Tuesday night.


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