Holidaying in Costa del Sol or Costa Blanca this Summer? Here’s What Your Trip to Spain Will Look Like

Flight Protocols: Spain is to establish new security measures for travellers. CREDIT: Elizabeth French, Unsplash

Tourists around the world are eager to come and spend their summer holidays in Costa del Sol and Costa Blanca, as the two areas have received a significant increase in reservations, despite the coronavirus pandemic. However, travellers must be aware that hopping on a plane to come and enjoy will be a vastly different experience from what has previously been known.

SPAIN is ready to welcome tourists with open arms and Andalucia was even named the top region, worldwide, with most hotel reservations for this summer.

Nevertheless, in order to ensure the health crisis remains under control Spain will enact strict measures all across the board which are due to affect the travel and tourism industry as well.

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To market Spain as a ‘safe destination’ and rebuild its reputation, imported cases of the coronavirus must be avoided and contained at all costs. Although the Canary Islands have been considering paying, out of their own pocket, for the Covid-19 tests of incoming travellers.

However, it is highly unlikely that the rest of Spain will follow suit as the country received a whopping 83.7 million touristic visitors last year and scaling this process would be difficult.

The ‘new normality’ decree which is set to be debated today by the Council of Ministers contends that there must be “sanitary and operative controls” in special interest ports as well as airports.

Given the favourable evolution of the Balearic and Canary Islands in the coronavirus pandemic, they will be the first regions to carry out a ‘test pilot’ on security measures.

The first security measure you will encounter on your flight to the Costa del Sol or Costa Blanca will be a temperature check, if you are travelling from within Spain this will be checked upon arrival, if you are travelling from abroad this will be checked before boarding the plane.

No matter what age you are, crew or cabin passenger, everyone will have to go through a temperature check.

The next step will be to fill in a mandatory questionnaire which includes contact details such as where you live, your accommodation during your stay and whether you have been in contact with someone who presents symptoms of the coronavirus.

The survey is also designed to identify if someone may be asymptomatic.

These steps have already been implemented in the Canary and Balearic Islands, but the central government hopes to standardise this protocol across the entire nation.



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