The Guardians are now in place around Andratx town

Presentation of the Guardians
Presentation of the Guardians Credit: Andratx Council

THE Guardians are now in place around Andratx town as two special bronze sculptures, part of a set of 12 are being loaned to the town for the next 12 months.

According artist Jaume Espases,” The Guardians in the unconscious world are dedicated to transforming all negative information and matter, absorbing it and transforming it into positive information and thoughts. That’s why, maybe, unlike other sculptures, people end up touching them; this is very curious and interesting to me.

“The Guardians, to fulfil their mission, seek, absorb, digest and transform through their body all these energies and matter and negative information into positive, come to be like our white blood cells that protect us against bacteria and viruses.


It’s a real thing, that already exists in our own human nature, and this ‘positive transformation’ is what I want to capture and see materialise.”

The sculptures were officially accepted by the Mayor Antoni Mir and Councillor of Culture Mrs. Ruth Mateu on behalf of the town and it was confirmed that the loan may be extended for a further year.

The large sculpture is four metres high and stands outside whilst the smaller piece at just 1.5 metres is inside the Council offices

More information about the artist on their website

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