Mallorca Craft Awards are attracting a lot of positive attention

The sought-after badge of excellence
The sought-after badge of excellence Credit: Consell de Mallorca

MALLORCA Craft Awards are attracting a lot of positive attention with many artisan companies anxious to take part.

The Consell de Mallorca has received 46 nominations for the 2021 Mallorca Craft Awards which it considers a great success as it is the highest number received in the eight years of running the awards.

A specialist jury made up of seven senior figures in the hospitality industry and crafts quarters will evaluate the category of Artisan Food.


The balance of the items will be evaluated by a jury made up of nine other members who are craftsmen in their own rights or involved in tourism.

This year’s Craft Awards have a total budget of €21,000 the highest amount ever allocated.

To encourage and highlight the growing role and importance of women’s work in the whole of craft activity, as well as highlighting the importance of women in the world of work and social work on the island of Mallorca, a special Artisan Woman Award has been created.

Finally, the Mallorca Sustainable Crafts Award will be a recognition of those actions that contribute to reducing the carbon footprint, boosting local and zero-kilometre trade and promoting sustainable economic development.

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