Spain supplies New Zealand with 250,000 extra vaccine doses

Spain supplies New Zealand with 250,000 extra vaccine doses
Spain supplies New Zealand with 250,000 extra vaccine doses Credit: Pixabay

Spain supplies New Zealand with 250,000 extra vaccine doses in a bid to fight the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

New Zealand’s Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, has confirmed that an additional 250,000 doses of the Pfizer coronavirus vaccine are heading to New Zealand from Spain.

According to the Prime Minister the vaccines left Spain’s Madrid at around 1 AM New Zealand time. These are additional doses of the vaccine to those that have already been scheduled. This is just one of two deals that have been put in place and the second deal will be even larger.


The additional doses from Spain will allow New Zealand’s vaccination programme to continue at its expected speed, while the country waits for larger supplies of vaccines to arrive.

Spain has pre-existing relationships with New Zealand and this is why the additional doses have been procured from Spain.

Ardern said there were a number of factors explaining why Spain was chosen to get surplus doses from, and that this includes where the vaccines are manufactured. The vaccines need to match the existing source of batches used in New Zealand.

Ardern has commented on the importance of being vaccinated and said: “If everyone who can be vaccinated is vaccinated, you are potentially saving the life of someone who can’t be.”

In other recent coronavirus news, the United States and Europe have begun searching for a combined flu and Covid vaccine. The ongoing coronavirus vaccination programs around the world are progressing well, so scientists are now turning their thoughts to the future, and how to protect against COVID long-term.

The scientific community have been able to create numerous vaccines against the coronavirus pandemic since it began around a year and half ago. Vaccination programmes have been up and running for many months now, so laboratories are now looking towards the next challenge and creating a combined seasonal flu and Covid vaccination, according to reports.

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