Alicante Firefighters to the rescue in an unusual incident

Alicante Firefighters to the rescue in an unusual incident
Alicante Firefighters to the rescue in an unusual incident Credit: Pixabay

Alicante firefighters to the rescue. The rescue scenario was rather unusual but the firefighters quickly swung into action.

A macaw parrot had escaped from its owner and perched on a ledge of a building in Alicante’s Calle Bilbao. The bird had to be rescued by the firefighters from the Fire Prevention, Fire Fighting and Rescue Service (SPEIS). The rather unusual rescue also involved the bird’s owner to make sure that it did not get scared and fly away.

The parrot incident occurred on Monday, July 26 in the afternoon. Alicante Local Police received a call shortly before 6pm from a private individual. The individual alerted them to a parrot which was on top of the building and in need of urgent rescue, as it was sitting on a ledge.


A police patrol attended the scene of the strange incident. When they arrived at the scene they found that the area where the bird was located was difficult to access so they requested the help of firefighters according to the Department of Security.

Firefighters from SPEIS attempted to rescue the bird using two teams with six firefighters along with a vehicle to help them reach the area and perform a quick rescue. The rescue needed to be performed quickly to ensure that the parrot did not fly away.

The macaw parrot’s owner also got involved in the rescue and climbed into the basket of the vehicle along with one of the firefighters. They were both then raised up to reach the ledge. They then used a rescue net to allow them to safely catch the parrot.

The Alicante firefighter rescue mission took over half an hour and was eagerly followed by locals who were watching events unfold. The firefighters managed to safely rescue the parrot and it was then returned to its owner.

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