Sánchez Announces That ‘Soon’ Face Masks Will No Longer Be Mandatory In The Street

Sánchez Announces That “Soon” Face Masks Will No Longer Be Mandatory In The Street
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Sánchez Announces That ‘Soon’ Face Masks Will No Longer Be Mandatory In The Street.

The Spanish President Pedro Sánchez has said that “soon” face masks will no longer be mandatory outdoors in the street.

Sánchez has expressed his belief that “soon we are going to abandon face masks” when we are outdoors and that “cruising speed” has been hit with the ongoing vaccination programme in Spain. In only a matter of days Spain will see a staggering 15 million people having been vaccinated.


Sánchez, speaking of the vaccination programme’s progress commented that it has reached “cruising speed”. These comments were made at a speech during a business meeting with the President of South Korea, Moon Jae In. Jae In arrived in Spain on Tuesday for a three-day state visit.

Sánchez commented that: “Soon we are going to abandon the masks in the street,” and stressed that in only “a few days” the “milestone” of over 15 million Spaniards being vaccinated against the potentially deadly coronavirus will be reached in what is “the largest vaccination campaign in our history”, as reported El Pais.

In the last week alone a record 3.5 million doses of the vaccine have been given.

Speaking of the Spanish goal of hitting 70 per cent of the population vaccinated by summer, Sánchez highlighted that: “In a few weeks 50 per cent of the population will have at least one dose and the roadmap is clear and is being fulfilled.”

The public health commission met on Tuesday, however they did not address the issue of compulsory mask use outdoors and according to sources from the Health Ministry, as reported Europa Press, “there is no date” yet for masks to be abandoned outdoors.


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  1. There is zero evidence that face masks outside makes any difference yet still governments needlessly muzzle their obedient and trusting citizens to make it look as though they are protecting them. Any negligible benefits the face masks might have outside are easily negated by the terrible way people carelessly handle them, passing covid on far more effectively through touch. Yet no politician seems to have grasped this, possibly because they don’t want to.


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