Alicante Firm Invents Bed Sheet That ‘Could Save Your Baby’s Life’

Alicante Firm Invents Bed Sheet That ‘Could Save Your Baby’s Life’
Alicante Firm Invents Bed Sheet That ‘Could Save Your Baby’s Life’ Credit: Pixabay

Alicante Firm Invents Bed Sheet That ‘Could Save Your Baby’s Life’.

A company in Spain’s Alicante has invented a bedsheet that is able to detect if a baby has a fever.

Not only can the bedsheet detect if the baby has a fever but it also changes colour to allow the parents to see the child’s condition at a glance. The bedsheet is made from a thermo-intelligent fabric. This use of technology means that if the baby is a fever the standard grey pattern on the blanket turns a pinkish colour.


BimbiDreams in Alicante are the company which are responsible for the state-of-the-art fitted bed sheet. The bedsheet is marketed for babies and the colour will change if the baby’s temperature rises above 37.5 degrees Celsius when they are lying on the bedsheet.

Not only does the sheet change colour but it also benefits from an antimicrobial and antiviral treatment. These treatments involve the use of silver ions.

According to Rocío Camarasa, a spokesperson for the company BimbiDreams from their export department, this is the first intelligent bed sheet which would allow parents to know the baby’s status “just by looking at it” as reported Efe.

The idea had originally come about due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic in a bid to be able to control a baby’s temperature more easily. The firm is now looking at how this could impact people’s “day-to-day life”, and help families care for their babies.

The firm has two plants in Alicante’s Cocentaina, was founded in 1978 and they specialise in baby products.


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