Queen ‘Will No Longer Stay Silent’ After Meghan And Harry Row

Queen ‘Will No Longer Stay Silent’ After Meghan And Harry Row
Queen ‘Will No Longer Stay Silent’ After Meghan And Harry Row Credit: Twitter

Queen ‘Will No Longer Stay Silent’ After Meghan And Harry Row.

Following the Meghan and Harry row, the Queen “will no longer stay silent”.

It seems that the long-standing Royal approach of ‘never complain, never explain’ could be set to come to an end. According to reports the Queen is set to change her press policy which could see the Royal family correct any “mistruths” that have been told.


According to The Mail on Sunday is expected that the Palace aides will now be able to issue corrections for any mistruths or misrepresentations that make into the media surrounding private conversations involving senior royals or even the Queen.

This U-turn in policy is, according to an insider, occurring after her Majesty was sent “over the edge” regarding the row over Lilibet’s name. 

Multiple reports of what happened regarding Lilibet’s name have appeared in the media. Some reports have suggested that the Sussexes had requested the Queen’s permission before newborn Lilibet was given the nickname that the Queen has previously gone by. But other reports soon said that this was not true.

The Sussexes responded and claimed that the Queen had been the “first family member” that had been called by Prince Harry. They also claimed that if the Queen had ‘not been supportive, they would not have used the name’.

Since then a source has also spoken out to say that the naming of Lilibet was more ‘a telling, not an asking’. Yet a further insider has made claims that the Queen was not introduced to  Lilibet via video call as had initially been reported too.

The source said that: ‘No video call has taken place. Friends of the Sussexes appear to have given misleading briefings to journalists about what the Queen had said and that took the whole thing over the edge.’

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