Driver in Marbella Found With a Kilo of Cocaine in Car Dashboard

Gang Stealing High-Performance Cars In Portugal For Sale In Spain
Gang Stealing High-Performance Cars In Portugal For Sale In Spain. CREDIT: Policia Nacional

A driver in Marbella has been found with a kilo of cocaine hidden in his car dashboard.

OFFICERS of the National Police in Marbella found a kilo of cocaine hidden in the dashboard of a car after the driver noticed the presence of patrol officers and performed an evasive manoeuvre in an attempt to escape.


The suspect, 41, and of Spanish nationality, was driving a white van near to a shopping centre when he noticed the presence of patrol and attempted to speed up and take a detour to the toll road. The suspicious vehicle was followed by the Citizen Security team who managed to stop him at a service station.

The nervous driver was identified and officers then carried out a search of the vehicle and noticed a manipulation in a hole in the dashboard.

The concealed narcotics were found in a hole in the dashboard which is intended to house the radio. A brown bag was found by officers in which they discovered a white powdery substance that would later test positive for cocaine. The package weighed 1,115.8 grams.

The suspect was arrested for his alleged role in a drug trafficking crime.

Source: Malaga Hoy

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