14 Arrested in El Palo Drug Trafficking Gang

14 Arrested in El Palo Drug Trafficking Gang
14 Arrested in El Palo Drug Trafficking Gang CREDIT: Policia Nacional

14 people have been arrested for their membership in a gang dedicated to drug trafficking in El Palo, Malaga.

AS reported by Malaga Hoy, a gang dedicated to drug trafficking in El Palo, Malaga, has been dismantled by the National Police in an operation called ‘Pluga.’


Fourteen people of Spanish nationality have been arrested – five women and nine men – three of whom have been imprisoned by the order of the judicial authority.

As reported in a National Police statement, after searching four houses, 1,500 grams of hashish, 170 grams of cocaine and €11,000 in cash were found and intercepted.

The investigation was carried out by officers of the Judicial Police group of the Eastern District Police Station in Malaga after receiving information about the existence of a drug sales point at a residence in El Palo.

Enquiries were carried out around the residence after numerous people were spotted arriving and then leaving after a short period of time – after having acquired their narcotics.

Members of the gang would carry out the drug sales, including their leader and members of their family. They were supported by a network of people surveilling strategic places on the public highway in order to detect the presence of officers.

Several drug sales were carried out by different buyers, confirming the criminal offences. The investigation concluded that the gang were acquiring narcotics for later distribution to clients in small batches.

With the authorisation of the Examining Court number 4 of Malaga, four searches were also carried out at the homes of those investigated. In total, the officers found and intervened 1,500 grams of hashish, 170 grams of cocaine, 41 benzodiazepine tablets, two motorcycles, 16 mobile phones, three electric bicycles and eight televisions.

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