Spanish Athlete Gains Medal after London Olympic Doping Allegations Upheld

Spanish Athlete Gains Medal after London Olympic Doping Allegations Upheld
Spanish Athlete Gains Medal after London Olympic Doping Allegations Upheld Credit: Twitter

SPANISH athlete gains medal after London Olympic doping allegations upheld.

Spanish Olympic athlete finally gains her rightful bronze medal after doping allegations from the London Olympics are upheld. As many expats and Spaniards alike may remember, the Olympic Games were overshadowed for Russia, with doping allegations.

Spain’s Ruth Beitia, from Cantabria, has now been named as the only Spanish athlete ever to have won two Olympic medals as reported 20minutes. She has now gained her rightful second Olympic medal after Russia’s Svetlana Shkolina’s suspension was upheld.


The Spanish athlete had originally finished fourth behind Shkolina at the Olympics in London, but the Russian athlete was suspended for suspected doping. In total 11 Russian athletes who appeared at the London Olympics were suspended due to doping suspicions.

The Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) has now upheld the Russian athlete’s suspension and the Spanish athlete has been confirmed as bronze medallist. The Olympic high jump champion must be delighted after having waited so long for the final decision.

The Russian athlete saw her disqualification period altered to cover dates between July 16, 2012 up until December 31 2014. This means that her Olympic bronze medal that she obtained in London in 2012 has been annulled.

The Spanish high jumper, has since retired from the sport but is now considered the only Spanish athlete to hold multiple Olympic medals.

Alex Glenn
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