Training Talks for Youth in Nerja to Promote Use of New Technologies

Training Talks for Youth in Nerja to Promote Responsible Use of New Technologies
Training Talks for Youth in Nerja to Promote Responsible Use of New Technologies. Image - Ayuntamiento de Nerja

THE City Council has arranged training talks for the youth in Nerja to promote the responsible use of new technologies.

The City Council is encouraging the responsible use of new technologies amongst the youth of the municipality of Nerja, as announced by Ayuntamiento de Nerja today.


Daniel Rivas, Councillor for Youth, and Gema Laguna, Councillor for Education have initiated a series of training talks at the IES El Chaparil beginning this Thursday. The talks are promoted by the city council and will be given to secondary schools around Nerja with the intention of promoting the responsible use of new technologies amongst young people.

The Councillor for Youth said: “With this type of training talks we intend to sensitize the group of young people in our municipality about the problems that are being detected as a result of addiction in the use of new technologies that can have harmful consequences for health, academic performance and coexistence family, and that have worsened as a result of the confinement caused by the coronavirus pandemic.”

The Councillor of Youth explained that: “the training talks will be given by the Civic Association for Prevention, which develops socio-educational projects and initiatives aimed at preventing this type of addiction. The sessions are aimed at 1st-year ESO students, and have an interactive methodology through dynamic and practical workshops.”

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