DGT Clarifies Rules on Wearing Masks in Cars

DGT Clarifies Rules on Wearing Masks in Cars
Man wearing a mask in his vehicle. Image - pixabay

THE DGT has clarified the rules on wearing masks in cars.

The DGT has come forward to clarify the rules on wearing masks in cars, after rumours circulating that not doing so could result in a fine.


We have previously reported on this subject, but The General Directorate of Traffic has now come forward to clarify that these rumours are incorrect and that not wearing a mask in a vehicle is not a punishable act.

The DGT has shared a statement on their social networks explaining that “the use of the mask is a matter of public health” and a sanitary measure, which the DGT does not have any rights to enforce. For this reason, its non-use “is not a traffic offence” so it is not punishable by a fine or losing points on your drivers’ license.

The DGT explains that there is no article in the Traffic and Road Safety Law, nor any of the regulations related to it, that specifies not wearing a mask or taking it off in a vehicle is an infringement of law, hence it is not a punishable act.

Some Twitter users raised doubts about the DGT Tweet, as it specifies that it’s not necessary to wear a mask inside a vehicle if you are driving alone or with a companion, but it is necessary to take it with you if you are inside a vehicle with people who you do not live with.

It is, however, mandatory to wear a mask on public transport and when taking a taxi and will incur a €100 fine for not complying, as outlined on the website of the Presidency of the Government. Information on the laws for urgent prevention, containment and coordination of the Covid-19 health crises can be found here.

Source: 20 Minutos

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