Almeria’s El Acebuche Prison Hosts TV Show

Almeria's El Acebuche Prison Hosts TV Show
Almeria's El Acebuche Prison Hosts TV Show Credit: Pixabay

Almeria’s El Acebuche Prison hosts TV show, which even features prison inmates as extras.

The El Acebuche Prison in Spain’s Almeria has hosted the Dutch TV series Buza as several sequences were filmed on site at the prison on Sunday April 4. This is not the only TV series that has eyed up an Almeria backdrop for a TV series as Smoking Gun – A Murder Mystery hopes to film in Almeria’s Tabernas Desert this June.

The Dutch producer Aty Soesbergen, has selected the Almeria backdrop for Buza and has been based in the Almeria area since 1993.


The name of the Dutch series comes from the nickname given to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The show which is currently in production is directed by Frank Ketelaar and produced by BNN/VARA.

The show is based in Georgetown, which is a fictitious country and viewers will be intrigued by the diplomatic twists and turns throughout the show.

The prison was home to various scenes which shockingly has even included prisoners being executed by hanging. Almeria’s El Acebuche Prison is not the only location featured in the show as the School of Art, a street in the neighbourhood of La Chanca and also the Plaza Vieja will be used too.

Also in Almeria, the Smoking Gun – A Murder Mystery producers have asked the Spanish government to allow them to film from June 1 to June 14 in Almeria’s Tabernas Desert. The show aims to use the Tabernas Desert as a backdrop for a military location. If approved the desert will be used to shoot scenes for the show’s headquarters of the Nicaraguan Counterrevolutionary Armies.

Source: Diario de Almeria

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