Londoners urged to “play their part” ahead of tougher Tier 3 restrictions

Londoners urged to
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Londoners are being urged to “play their part” ahead of new tougher Tier 3 restrictions. London, parts of Hertfordshire and parts of Essex will enter Tier 3 from 00:01 on Wednesday, December 16, a move which will primarily affect London’s hospitality sector, which will have to close.

And the Met Police is calling on Londoners “to take personal responsibility to protect lives”.

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The force has warned that officers across the capital will work with the local authority to “ensure premises adhere to the changes in the regulations”.

“Likewise, additional resources will be deployed at areas of traditionally high footfall such as high streets and shopping centres to provide a visible policing presence and to prevent disorder and anti-social behaviour,” said the Met.

And focus will continue on banned large gatherings.

Deputy Assistant Commissioner Matt Twist, the Met’s lead for Covid-19 operations, said: “The move to these tougher restrictions so close to the Christmas break will be a serious blow to many in our city – but there is little doubt it is necessary.

“The rapid increase in infection rates shows that not everyone is being as careful as they need to be. This isn’t just about sticking to the regulations, important though that is, it is about taking all the precautions we can in every aspect of our lives.

“The more contact we have, the higher the chance of catching or spreading the virus.”

He added that Londoners’ actions over the coming days and weeks will have “very serious consequences” and that a change in behaviour is needed now “to stop people dying who could have otherwise lived”.

“Disappointingly we have continued to see a small minority of selfish people holding parties, large weddings, unlicensed music events or poorly managed protests in recent days and weeks and although these events are not the only reason for the increase in infections, they are undoubtedly contributing to the problem.

“So while we will continue to engage, explain and encourage people to follow the rules, we make no apology for using our enforcement powers where people refuse or where we encounter deliberate, dangerous or flagrant breaches of the regulations. People should be aware that the new digital fine system makes getting a fine increasingly likely.

“We will not the allow irresponsible actions of a selfish few to jeopardise the safety of others, but at the same time we urge everyone to ensure they too are doing all they can to protect themselves and their community,” warned Deputy Assistant Commissioner.


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