The Row Over Zlatan Ibrahimovic And FIFA 21 Image Rights Explodes

The Row Over Zlatan Ibrahimovic And FIFA 21 Image Rights Explodes
The Row Over Zlatan Ibrahimovic And FIFA 21 Image Rights Explodes. image: Twitter

THE Row Over Zlatan Ibrahimovic And FIFA 21 Image Rights Explodes after agent Mino Raiola gets Involved

In a further escalation in the Zlatan Ibrahimovic image rights case, against the use of Zlatan’s likeness in FIFA 21, his agent, the notorious Mino Raiola has got involved, and an interview on Talksport radio erupted into an explosive argument between Raiola and Simon Jordan, the ex-Crystal palace owner, with Raiola hanging up on him in the middle of the interview after things got rather heated.

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Ibrahimovic has called for a full investigation as to how EA Sports are using his “name and face” in the FIFA 21 video game, without his permission, with EA Sports replying they have a contract with his club AC Milan, allowing them to use those images, but his agent is disputing this and agreed to the Talksport interview with Jim White, and Jordan, to defend his player’s rights, but at one point, Jordan insinuated that Raiola was simply out to get more commission from it all, which developed into a full-blown row between the two men.

Raiola responded to Jordan’s accusation, “Listen, Simon, you know what the nice thing is, that I don’t give a damn about what your opinion is and what you think of this. What you think of me is totally irrelevant to me”, to which Jordan replied, “Mino, I have no opinion on you, you’re about as troublesome to me as a cloudy day, I’m asking you a question”.
A clearly agitated Railoa told him, “You’re not asking me a question, you’re affirming that I do things because of a reason. I’m doing these things because very simply, there are rights to my players that cannot be touched. This talk is now over Jim. You need to give Simon his own programme. Next time you invite, invite me as Jim and not as Simon. Have a nice day and have fun with Simon there, you should have a one-man show”, before cutting the call.

Mino Raiola elaborated that more than 300 players have already joined the fight against EA Sports in their alleged misuse of players’ likenesses in FIFA 21.


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