Super Dad plans to eat 60 kebabs in a month for charity

Super Dad plans to eat 60 kebabs in a month for charity
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SUPER Dad Des Breakey is quite the kebab enthusiast and is putting his passion to go cause. The 34-year-old from Newton Heath, Manchester, is planning to eat 60 kebabs in 30 days for charity.

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The kebab mad dad will be taking on the challenge to help Nerve Tumours UK, a charity which supports his ten-year-old daughter. He hopes he can donate least £1,000 for Nerve Tumours UK, which raises awareness of the rare conditions Neurofibromatosis and Schwannomatosis.

‘I’ve been training for this since I was six-years-old. I know I can do it,’ says Des. ‘It’s a charity close to my heart, so hopefully, I can help them out.’

Des decided to take on the unusual challenge after realising that his kebab intake was greater than most. As a regular contributor to the Manchester Donner Connoisseurs Facebook review group, Des often chats all things meat, naan, and salad.

When he realised he had inadvertently scoffed 39 kebabs in a 28-day period a couple of months ago, his pals encouraged him to go even further. He said: ‘I’ve been on that group for about four months and I’ve reviewed 82 kebabs. ‘My record is 39 kebabs in 28 days. I had nine in a week and three in one day. ‘After that I thought, I might as well do it properly and do it for charity.’

Des admits he does not know how many calories he will take on during the unique eating challenge, but he’s not overly concerned about the consequences.

He’ll need to chow down on at least two of the meat-laden treats a day if he’s going to finish on time. He claims, ‘I’ve had two today already, but that’s all part of my training. I’m just psyching myself up. ‘I’m not too worried. I have been doing this forever and I’m still standing. I’d better do it while I’m young and healthy. ‘I’m a kebabhead. I’m addicted.

Des continued, ‘I do have my favourite haunts but I’ll be trying lots of different places. Levenshulme Bakery is great, Red Cherry, Rusholme Chippy, there are loads. ‘The perfect kebab, in my opinion, needs quality meat, the bread has to be fresh and made in a clay oven, fresh in-house sauce and fresh salad. ‘I will never get sick of kebabs. They feed my soul.’

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