Prince Andrew ‘secretly visiting the Queen in bid to return to duties’

Prince Andrew 'secretly visiting the Queen in bid to return to duties'
Prince Andrew has made waves in the press recently Credit - Twitter

PRINCE Andrew has been making secret late-night visits to see The Queen as he hopes to return to public duty, according to reports.

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The Duke of York stepped back from official duties after public outrage over his friendship with the paedophile Jeffrey Epstein emerged last year.

However, he reportedly believes he can still help “support the monarchy” and go back to public duties, despite concerns from within the family.

Andrew reportedly met with Her Majesty last Tuesday, October 27, arriving after dark, in a coronavirus secure meeting.

A source told The Sun, “This looked like a deliberate attempt not to be seen.”

Despite his plans to return to his former role, royal sources said Prince Andrew has “zero chance” of that ever happening.

One source said, “Whatever the Duke (of York) may think his future looks like, he should be under no illusion that view is not shared by the people who actually make the decisions within the family.

“There is no way of him ever returning to front line duties and he will remain very much on the outside.”

The Queen is believed to be sympathetic to Andrew, 60, but the Prince of Wales and Duke of Cambridge are “united” in their view that Andrew should be kept away from any public role owing to his battered reputation.


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