Amanda Holden and Alesha Dixon in BGT pay row

Amanda Holden and Alesha Dixon in BGT pay row

AMANDA Holden and Alesha Dixon have allegedly been drawn into a gender pay gap dispute as Simon Cowell and David Walliams are paid more than double their salary.

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Both Amanda and Alesha, are said to be unhappy with the fact they earn so much less even though they take on the same role.

An industry insider ranted, ‘In 2020 all judges should be on equal pay. After 14 years of service by Amanda and 8 years of service by Alesha, it’s shocking that both girls are paid less than David. Why, because he’s a man?’

The Sun reported on Tuesday, October 20, Amanda -who took on the role of Head Judge in Simon’s absence during the recent series, earns around £700,000 while Alesha is said to make £450,000, yet David re-negotiated his contract and is now earning more than £1.5 million for his appearance.

Simon, who helped create the show, is reportedly being paid a staggering £2.5 million for his part on the show, it’s claimed that Simon was unaware his wage was so much higher than his fellow judges, but that everyone feels he ‘deserves’ the fee.

They claimed, ‘Everyone is in agreement Simon deserves his wage as he’s the boss, but there seems no obvious explanation as to why David should be paid more than the women.

‘It’s madness a bloke should be paid considerably more than a woman for doing identical jobs.’

Adding that they bring different things to the show, the source went on, ‘Obviously, they’re not happy and given Amanda, in particular, is so passionate about standing up for what’s right, she won’t let this lie.’

In a recent interview with The Telegraph, Amanda addressed the discrepancies between their pay, saying she and Alesha deserve ‘the same’ as their male counterparts.

She said, ‘Yes, I do feel Alesha and I should be paid the same as Simon Cowell and David Walliams. Because why is their value higher than ours? I don’t understand it.


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