Online scam warning to shoppers braced to cash in on Amazon Prime Day

BE VIGILANT: Amazon assures customers it would never ask for 'sensitive information'. CREDIT: Flickr

Online scam warning to shoppers braced to cash in on Amazon Prime Day.

Everyone loves a bargain, and Amazon Prime Day promises lots of them, but shoppers are advised to remain cautious of scammers eager to take advantage of the flurry of internet buying.

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The latest scam reportedly involves fraudsters impersonating Amazon itself.

A recorded voice apparently claims to be from the mega-retailer and alerts the unsuspecting shopper about a fraudulent charge on their Amazon Prime card.

Another tactic to gain personal details is to alert the person on the other end of the phone of a so-called lost or damaged package.

Consumers have also reported receiving emails containing an order confirmation for an item they didn’t purchase.

If anybody suspects they are being targetd by scammers in this instance, Amazon suggests that they first go to their orders to check out what has been purchased and “see if there is an order that matches the details in the correspondence.”

“If it doesn’t match an order in your account in, or in another Amazon international website, the message isn’t from Amazon,” the company warns online.

The Better Business Bureau warns that the scammers aim to get hold of personal bank details, or may ask ‘victims’ to send money – both of which should be avoided.

Amazon reminds consumers that while some departments at Amazon will call customers, they’re never going to ask for sensitive personal information or offer a refund that the customer was not expecting.

The firm will not ask to access someone’s computer remotely, and will never ask a shopper to make a payment outside of its website.

Thousands of people are conned by phony emails, texts and calls from scammers impersonating companies, like Amazon, or their banks every day, and it is feared this will escalate as shoppers hit the web to buy Christmas gifts.

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