Amazon Prime day has landed

Amazon Prime day has landed
Here´s how to get ahead for Christmas Credit - Amazon

AMAZON prime day is finally upon us, but how good are the deals? Let´s take a look at what you can buy for less than £15,00 as perfect bargain Christmas gifts, to get you ahead this year.

Yankee Scented Candle Burn Time: Up to 150 Hours

Was £23,99 reduced to just £14,89


Amazon prime day
Yankee Candles in wonderful Autumn scents Credit – Amazon

Willow Tree Thank You Figurine

Was £21,00 reduced to just £9,99

Amazon prime day
Willow tree figurine
Credit – Amazon

Goose Island Variety Pack

This 8-pack contains: Goose Island Midway (2 cans), 312 Urban Wheat Ale (2 cans) and the famous IPA (4 cans)

Was £12,00 Now just £8,99

Amazon prime day
Goose Island beer variety pack Credit – Amazon

RenFox 17 Keys Mbira Thumb PianoKalimba

Made from 4 mm solid mahogany solid wood and stainless steel keypad, and this Thumb Piano provide a clear and bright sound.

Was £17,99 now just £12,74

Amazon Prime Day
Wooden finger piano from RenFox








Baby Art My Lovely Belly, Casting Kit for Pregnant Belly

Was £19,99 Now just £11,15

Amazon Prime Day
A perfect gift for a mum to be Credit – Amazon

Amazon Prime Day has landed so get ahead for Christmas with these bargains under £15,00.


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