Different learning styles for different types of learners

Different learning styles for different types of learners
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THE learning styles of students depend on several factors, including their environment and other cognitive and emotional factors. Because every student is different, it’s a good idea for teachers to develop classroom strategies that incorporate different learning styles for different types of learners.

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It is important as a parent to be aware of this to help your child study at home. The VARK model helps teachers do this and it can help you too.

It is an acronym that refers to the four learning styles: visual, auditory, reading/writing preference, and kinesthetic.


Visual –

  • Process information using graphs and charts.
  • Need images to explain concepts and ideas
  • Prefer graphic elements over words


  • Learn best with spoken information
  • Prefer lectures and discussions
  • Process information by talking things through

Read/Write –

  • Prefer to receive written words
  • Enjoy reading and writing assignments
  • Process information by writing notes


  • Learn best through tactile processes
  • Prefer to create concrete personal experiences
  • Process information by recreating and practising


There are actually more than the four listed categories, they are however subcategories to the above. You can find questionnaires online to assess your child’s optimal learning methods and then you can make learning more fun for them at home.


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