UK Weather: Brits to Bask in 48-hour 31C Heatwave

Britain to bake in sizzling extreme heat- for 48 hours. image: Twitter

Brits are about to sizzle in a 48-hour 31C heatwave before an abrupt end to the summer.

If the MET office is correct, then it will be the first September to reach 30C or above in four years- although the heatwave is not expected to last long and temperatures are expected to quickly drop.


Temperatures are predicted to rocket up to 31C as a 48-hour September heatwave hits, thanks to scorching air that is originating in the Sahara, says the Met Office. The 1,500 mile-wide ‘heat belt’ will mean sweltering highs that have not been seen for weeks, even though the summer is all but over.

It will be the first time in four years that temperatures have reached 30 or above this close to the autumn. Recent weeks have seen much of Britain battered by torrential rain and strong winds. Met Office forecaster Greg Dewhurst said charts suggest 30-31C on Monday in the southeast, with similar on Tuesday in East Anglia.

The scorching weather will ease off midway through next week as colder air sweeps into Britain from the Atlantic- but the sun will return days later, according to the Met Office. Their long-range forecast suggests settled conditions for the rest of the month. It was only a few weeks ago that MET office was issuing Yellow Warnings for the UK.



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