Two arrests for Almeria shooting incident

SIEZED: Police found a pistol and a revolver on the two detainees CREDIT: Policia Nacional

ALMERIA police have arrested two men responsible for keeping an eye on a legal hemp plantation for firing shots at a vehicle after trying to block its way when it came off the A-92 highway.

The shooting incident occurred in the early hours of August 25 at the highway’s exit 456 going in the direction of Almeria city.

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When the vehicle got close to the suspects they fired several shots with a pistol, although none of them actually hit the target or any of the occupants, police reported.

There immediately followed a chase. The driver of the vehicle being aimed managed to give the pursuers the slip by taking refuge at the airport.

Police did not rule out any lines of investigation given that while it was a violent incident there was no apparent connection between the victims and the shooters.

However the investigations led them in the direction of another man, who on August 26 received treatment at the Poniente hospital in El Ejido for an injury from a firearm to his left shoulder.

In his statement he affirmed that on the night of the incident he went in his car with the detainees to the Almeria airport exit with the intention of stealing from a greenhouse where hemp is legally cultivated.

He claimed that while he was waiting in the agreed location, he heard several shots and saw a vehicle heading for him at high speed, and that he was hit by a bullet.

Officers from the El Ejido scientific police confirmed that a window of one of the doors on his car had been smashed by an impact at level of the lock toggle and that there were traces of blood.

Also that a bullet heading for the dashboard had grazed the steering wheel.

As a result of the investigations so far police have detained a 41 and a 37-year old and have seized a rifle and a pistol.

The two men face charges for threats with firearms and illegal gun ownership.

Police reported the investigation remains open to identify all the other players in the incident and to establish exactly what happened.


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