Three arrests for hemp heist from Berja greenhouse

GROWING PROBLEM: The Guardia Civil reported a number of robberies at greenhouses authorised to produce hemp this summer CREDIT: Guardia Civil

THREE people are under arrest for stealing hemp from greenhouse in Berja.

Guardia Civil said the owner of the plantation dedicated to producing industrial hemp surprised three individuals inside the greenhouse robbing part of the crop and loading it into a van.

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Both the owner and an employee had to make a getaway when the thieves threatened them with an object, which in the poor light looked as though it could have been a gun.

Guardia investigators managed to identify the suspected robbers and the vehicle they believe was used in the robbery.

Extensive surveillance of the area led to officers catching the two 35-year old men and a 40-year old woman the following day in the act thieving from the same greenhouse a second time.

The Guardia also reported they are investigating a minor in connection with the crime.

The detainees face charges for robbery with violence and intimidation.

A Berja court ordered that one of the suspects be held in prison without bail.


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