Torrential downpours hit Mallorca tourist towns

AFTERMATH: The heavy rain caused a rockslide in Cala Llamp in Andratx CREDIT: Emergències 112 Illes Balears Twitter @112IllesBalears

THE Balearics remain on weather alert for heavy rain, possible hail and storm surges today, Tuesday after Monday’s torrential downpours hit some of Mallorca’s most popular tourist destinations especially hard.

The so-called DANA, or cold snap, which swept in across the islands on Sunday night, dumped more than 120 litres of rain per square metre in Calvia, according to State Meteorology Agency figures.

Other parts of the south-west of the island also registered very high rainfall. In Andratx there was more than 100 litres per square metre and in Palma getting on for 70 litres.


The Balearic 112 emergency service reported 87 weather-related incidents over the day, the vast majority in Mallorca.

Overflowing drains and water courses and flooded roads and basements were the main issues.

CREDIT: Ajuntament d’Andratx Facebook @AAndratx

The DANA set off a rockslide in Cala Llamp in Andratx.

According to Spanish press the giant stones which came hurtling down the hillside caused serious damage to an elderly German resident’s property.

CREDIT: Ajuntament d’Andratx Facebook @AAndratx

The reports say he escaped injury because he had been out taking his dog for a walk at the time.

The rockslide damaged two other homes in the same street.

Also in Andratx a number of garages and the municipal gym were inundated, and in Campo de Mar the water brought down the lifeguards’ tower on the beach.

CREDIT: Emergències 112 Illes Balears Twitter @112IllesBalears

Other parts of the Balearics were buffeted by especially high winds first thing in the morning.

In Capdepera in Mallorca and at Menorca airport there were gusts of nearly 70kms per hour.

Mother Nature also put on quite the light show. Some 600 flashes of lighting were registered on the Mallorca coast and in the centre of Ibiza.


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