Balearics on maximum weather alert for ‘potentially dangerous’ downpours

ADVICE: The Balearic Island 112 Emergency service has issued a series of recommendations due to the possibility of potentially dangerous rainfall” CREDIT: AEMET @AEMET_Esp

THE arrival of a new DANA has put the Balearic Islands on orange alert for torrential downpours today Monday.

The ‘Depresion Aislada en Niveles Altos’ (Isolated Depression at High Levels), or cold snap, swept in overnight and is now sitting right on top of the islands.

Mallorca is the worst hit so far this morning.


The Balearic Island 112 Emergency service tweeted that by 9am there had been 28 incidents on the island, the majority for flooding on the street or in basements.

The service also posted a series of recommendations to the public due to “the possibility of potentially dangerous rainfall” of up to 50 litres per square metre in an hour.

It advises taking measures to prevent water from coming in and avoiding basements and water courses.

The service also tells people not to cross flooded areas, either on foot or in a vehicle, to avoid going out unless necessary, and if they do to use main roads.

It further warns there could be strong winds as well as rain, and says people should stay away from areas where there could be landslides, not get close to seafront promenades, breakwaters or cliffs, and should not drive on roads near to the sea.


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