Spanish pharmacists feel they could do more during ongoing health crisis

health crisis
Pharmacists feel they could offer more. Credit: Wiki Commons

THE Business Federation of Spanish Pharmacists (FEFE), feel underused during this ongoing health crisis. They wish to offer their services in such important actions as collecting samples from citizens to perform PCR or serological tests.

They have also even offered to vaccinate risk groups against influenza when the campaign begins to make better use of their time and abilities as the health crisis continues.

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“It does not make any sense that they do not have us”, says Luis de Palacio, president of FEFE, “we are the health workers who are closest to the population, we are hundreds of metres from their houses and each is probably a regular visitor. If it is necessary for us to train, we will do it without a problem. These last four or five weeks we have carried out courses both on vaccination and on the different detection tests that exist, which have been given by both scientific societies and the different Colleges of Pharmacists.”

They also want to start vaccinating against the flu. Portugal, the United Kingdom, Denmark, Switzerland, Ireland, Malta and France already allow pharmacists to administer the flu vaccine, in some cases with a medical prescription, in others, such as Denmark or the United Kingdom it is not even necessary.

“We can track, we can vaccinate and we can carry out both serological tests and sampling for PCR that we would then send to laboratories,” claims Luis de Palacio, who shares the General Council of Colleges of Pharmacists. “In fact, some colleges, such as Madrid or Almería, have approached the Ministry and the relevant ministries to present these options.”


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