Pharmacists in Malaga Warn Beachgoers to Be Careful on Costa del Sol’s Beaches as Months Under Lockdown Requires Extra Sunscreen Protection

Sun Warning: Months of lockdown and lack of sun can be dangerous if the right precautions are not taken on the beach. Credit: Pexels

The Pharmaceutical College in Costa del Sol’s Malaga has warned beachgoers to ensure they top up on the sunscreen after months of lockdown with minimal sun, as they will more prone to severe sunburns.

THE spokesperson for Deomfarmacia, Manuel Estaban Garcia, has asked the population in Malaga to be “extra careful” when enjoying the sunshine on the Costa del Sol’s beaches.

Garcia explains that, after such a long period in quarantine, beachgoers should be cautious as their skin “will not be adapted to endure such a high amount of solar radiation these days, which regardless is dangerous” without protection.

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“We entered the quarantine period in winter and now we are almost about to end in summer, therefore we haven’t had the natural transition period which is spring” explains Garcia. He adds that “it is more important than ever to avoid direct exposure to sunlight during the hottest hours of the day, and to ensure a recurring and abundant use of protective sunscreen, pregnant women, elderly individuals and children must be especially careful.”

The Pharmaceutical College in Malaga has insisted that individuals should apply a high factor sunscreen every two hours, a routine which can be reduced as the weeks go by and the skin gets used to the sun. Furthermore they recommend hydrating your skin when you return from the beach with a moisturiser, to keep hydrated with plenty of water and eat foods which are rich in vitamin C.


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