Migrants Escape Mandatory Quarantine from Spanish Hospital

The temporary detention centre in Cueta. image: Twitter

At least five immigrants have escaped from an old hospital in Ceuta, the Spanish autonomous city on the north coast of Africa Spain, where they were being quarantined after having entered the city illegally by sea.

As reported by police sources, the immigrants were being kept in an old Spanish Red Cross hospital. During the crisis, anyone who enters the city illegally is taken there to pass the mandatory quarantine period. After spending fourteen days in this enclosure, they are transferred to the Center for the Temporary Stay of Immigrants (CETI) together with the rest of the immigrants who enter the city illegally.


In the last few days, it has been revealed that five of these immigrants, all of them Moroccans, have escaped from the facility. Moroccan immigrants (youths and men) who have managed to swim to Ceuta had been transferred to this old hospital which has a capacity of 70 places. Police are still looking for the escapees as it is feared they are mixing with locals and spreading the virus.

In May, Ceuta had experienced a jump in cases reported to be ‘worse’ than that of Madrid in Mainland Spain. 



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