Spain’s Government warns Ceuta could go back to Phase 0 of de-escalation after spike in Covid-19 cases

Ceuta could go back to Phase 0 of de-escalation warns Spain's Health Minister. CREDIT: Pixabay

Spain’s government has warned Ceuta that it could back to Phase 0 of de-escalation – from Phase 2 – after a recent spike in Covid-19 cases.

ACCORDING to Ceuta’s Health Minister Javier Guerrero, Ceuta has experienced a jump in cases, with health data reported to be ‘worse’ than that of Madrid. The worried Minister announced that there are now 22 active cases in Ceuta with 271 people quarantined at home.

“We have exceeded the infection level of cases seen in Murcia, the Baleares, Melilla and Andalucia – and now even Madrid,” he exclaimed. So he had a virtual meeting with the country’s Health Minister Salvador Illa to discuss the serious matter earlier today. Illa warned that if statistics deteriorate further, then “Ceuta could be forced to go back to Phase 0,” confirmed Guerrero.


“If people aren’t responsible then we will have to go back to square one,” he insisted. “We have seen a lot people failing to comply with the government’s restrictions. Just two confirmed positive Covid-19 cases have resulted in 80 people being quarantined because they attended a birthday party. Only reunions of up to 15 people are allowed, not parties,” he stressed. So he has asked for the National Police and Guardia Civil to back up the Local Police forces in the area to increase surveillance. “For now, we have permission to stay in Phase 2, albeit with a warning that we could go back to Phase 0 if things don’t improve,” he added.


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