More Spanish coronavirus figures … They just keep on rising!

Pandemic continues to spread
Pandemic continues to spread at alarming rate.

MORE Spanish coronavirus figures released and they just keep on rising!

The government has again released shocking daily coronavirus figures for Spain which sees the contagion reach a staggering number as children and teachers return to school across the country and some regions stepping back into earlier “New Normal” phases.

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The Ministry of Health has announced that 10,476 new positive cases for coronavirus have been recorded which is up to an astounding 498,989 in total.

In the last 24 hours, 4,503 contagious infections were recorded, well above yesterday’s figure. Deaths also increased dramatically with authorities claiming that 184 more deaths have occurred as a direct result of the virus. This takes the total death toll up to 29,418.

The figures include new coronavirus positive cases in the last 24 hours, 4,503, and include a full total of infections which include those that had previous not been added to figures totalling 10,476.

The spree of new cases is not spread equally over the country with Madrid remaining a hotspot for new infections. Of the total infections, the current figures for the autonomous regions are:

Andalusia (1,014), Aragon (388), Asturias (45), Balearic Islands (230), Canary Islands (375), Cantabria (146), Castilla La Mancha (545), Castilla and León (491), Catalonia (1,418), Ceuta (5), Valencian Community (714), Extremadura (172), Galicia (429), Madrid (3,245) , Melilla (19), Murcia (262), Navarra (167 ), The Basque Country (712) and La Rioja (99).

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