Gary Lineker vows ‘to welcome refugee to live in his home’


Gary Lineker will reportedly welcome a refugee to live with him after describing the UK’s response to the immigrant crisis as “heartless and completely without empathy” last month.

THE Match Of The Day host has recently been very critical of the government’s response to migrants attempting to cross the English Channel. The former England footballer, 59, has reportedly been in touch with charity Refugees at Home and will offer a refugee a place to stay. He has also said he will have no idea who he will be living with or where they will be from. However, before his application can be approved he has to have an ­interview and home visit by the charity which has helped find temporary accommodation for more than 2,250 refugees and asylum seekers.

The football host said that he’s inviting a migrant to live at his £4m mansion because his ‘kids are grown up and got plenty of room.’ This decision came after Lineker was challenged last month by a Tory MP to offer his townhouse to refugees after accusing him of ‘virtue signalling’ over the migrant crisis.

Lineker said: “Most of the things we think of as quintessentially British are often brought in from different shores. Even St George is Turkish. I just think we owe a lot to ­refugees and most people are descended from refugees at some point. They have given so much to this country and still continue to do so in terms of the jobs they do which we have witnessed during the pandemic in the NHS, carers and key workers.”

Northern Ireland Patriot @NPilled 1,500 immigrants have been brought to the UK alone in August. People’s businesses and livelihoods are being shattered but immigrants have free movement, don’t bother sending any to Northern Ireland Home Office you will be getting them back asap. image: Twitter


Twitter users react
Piers Morgan-@piersmorgan – “This is called putting your money where your mouth is. Well played.” Julia from talk radio: “I feel sorry for the refugee who ends up in Gary Lineker‘s mansion. A diet of crisps, virtue signalling and wokedom is not what they’ve come to Britain for.” Mel- @MelRTW: The likes of Gary Lineker are met with a barrage of “how many refugees live with you?” but, as exhibited in the responses, if they do open their home they’re criticised for not housing a homeless veteran and for making their act public.

Lastly, a not so nice comment from Lee Hurst. @LeeHurstComic: Mass unemployment, big tax rises on the way, huge amounts of borrowing, a homes shortage, what do we need today? Gary Lineker incentivising even more Channel Crossers to come. Now they, along with the benefit system of their choice, get to choose which celeb to live with.

What do you think, is Gary Lineker doing the right thing, would you house an immigrant? Let us know your thoughts.


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