Schools in Torrevieja set for numerous new safety measures

safety measures
SAFETY FIRST: Mayor introduces Covid-19 safety measures to schools. CREDIT: Stock pic

The Mayor of Torrevieja announces that Covid-19 tests for over 1,100 teachers will begin before the start of the new school year, among other safety measures.

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EDUARDO DOLÓN made the announcement that the City Council, in collaboration with Torreivieja Hospital, will be introducing a number of precautionary measures in order to comply with Covid-19 regulations.

Performing serological tests for Covid-19 on all teachers of the schools of Torrevieja, which is around 1,100, will commence a few days before the start of the new school year.

Other safety measures set to be introduced are: the creation of a Covid coordinator for schools, access control strategies and the presence of health personnel in all schools.

The Covid coordinator post will be the main source of information and questions regarding the virus and the relevant protocols, the access control strategy involves safe entry and exit from the school and the health personnel will make sure all safety and hygiene measures are being complied with.

These safety measures are being introduced, according to the Mayor, “to generate tranquillity and security to the families of the almost 11,000 students who will start the school year at the beginning of September.”

Eduardo Dolón also said he has “appreciated the great work and effort that the Department of Education has been carrying out for several weeks so that the beginning of this next course, conditioned by Covid-19, is as safe as possible.”

He continued by stating his appreciation for “the support and sensitivity of the Torrevieja University Hospital, which has made all the necessary resources that have been requested available to the City Council so that the safety of the entire educational community, teachers, students and family is the greatest possible.”

The City Council also announced that cleaning hours are to be extended for Infant and Primary schools.

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