Man arrested and fined for breaking mandatory mask laws

mandatory mask
FINED: Man arrested and fine for breaking mask laws. CREDIT: Bill Oxford/ Unsplash

A man in Murcia received a large fine and time in front of the judge for not complying with mandatory mask regulations set out by Covid-19 guidelines.

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LOCAL POLICE approached the man in Floridablanca Street in Murcia City after they noticed he was not wearing the mandatory mask.

After several refusals from the man to comply with the police officers’ requests, the officers asked for his identification to which he apparently refused several times.

A struggle ensued when officers decided that the man’s non-compliance warranted his arrest and the offender tried to flee from their custody.

The man was brought before a judge who ruled that the defendant was to pay a daily fee of €2 for eight months, which works out as a fine of €480, after being charged with breaking the mandatory mask laws and for resisting arrest.

If the man refuses to pay the fine then he could face up to four months in prison.

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