Restaurant fined for making charitable deliveries during lockdown

FINES: Local Police in Valencia issued the restaurant in Valencia with three fines for the delivery of food during lockdown. CREDIT: Policia Local Valencia

A RESTAURANT in Valencia has been fined a total of €4,200 for delivering food to the needy during lockdown.

THE premises, owned by Javier Márquez, first received two fines of €600 from the Local Police of Valencia, and finally a third that amounted to €3,000 for giving food to those “without resources”, according to Las Provincias.

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Márquez defended his actions saying it was covered under a legal text (RD 463/20, article 10 section 4) which states “hotel and restaurant activities are suspended, and only home delivery services can be provided”.

He told the publication he had distributed the food through two associations, Brúfol and Espai Veïnal Cabanyal, and that the premises only remained open to prepare meals and as a collection centre “without violating any rule”.

“One person from each family came, keeping a safe distance. All of us wore protection,” said Márquez, claiming police officers said they would do everything possible “to close us down”.

The owner and volunteers involved have refused to pay the fines.


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