Mussel power in Calpe

IMEDMAR-UCV: Researchers work at their Calpe station Photo credit: IMEDMAR-UCV

INVESTIGATORS from the Catholic University of Valencia’s Marine Biology Group (IMEDMAR-UCV) returned spiny fan mussels to the sea. 

Immersions took place approximately 1.8 kilometres offshore from IMEDMAR-UCV’s research station near Calpe’s Peñon de Ifachwhere the mussels were installed in cages, enabling investigators to monitor their evolution in their natural habitat. 

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Marine biologists are currently interested in the spiny fan mussel (Pinna rudis) as it has close links to the (Pinna nobilis) fan mussel, at risk of extinction in a short space of time thanks to the Haplosporidium pinnae parasite. 


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