Off duty life saver

Man saved from heart attack. Credit: shutterstock

A FORMER National Police officer saved the life of a man, last Wednesday, August 12, who suffered a cardiac arrest while dining at a restaurant in the west of Malaga Capital.

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The events took place when the officer, who was off duty with his family in a bar, noticed that several people were asking for help since a man had lost consciousness. Immediately the policeman came to the aid of this person who was immobile, his face was swollen and purple and he was biting his tongue.

First, he laid him down on the floor with the help of those present and then he released his airway to give him a heart massage. After a few minutes, he managed to regain his pulse and continued to carry out the resuscitation manoeuvres until the arrival of the ambulance. Due to the weakness of the palpitations, paramedics had to apply several shocks with the defibrillator.

Once stabilised, he was transferred to a hospital where he is admitted until his complete recovery. According to the doctors, thanks to the rapid action of the officer, he was able to recover his vital signs and keep him alive until the arrival of health care.


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