Culture and great outdoors key selling points in latest Mallorca tourism push

CENTRAL THEME: Mallorca’s culture is one of the main features of the co-marketing campaign CREDIT: Consell de Mallorca

CULTURE and the great outdoors are highlighted as the key selling points in the latest Mallorca government campaign aimed at the island’s main tourism markets.

The marketing initiative is the Consell’s second co-marketing campaign, and sees the Mallorca Tourism Foundation collaborating with online firm Logitravel to target the British and Spanish visitor markets.

The total investment in the promotion is more than €410,000, of which nearly €260,000 is aimed at national tourism and just under €150,000 at the British market.


The tourism foundation is contributing just short of a third of the funding.

The island administration said the campaign includes publicity via video and images on different online platforms, digital magazines and social media, and will run from now until October.

At the beginning of August the Consell announced its first co-marketing campaign with the private sector: an agreement with the travel division of Barcelo Avoris, B The Travel Band.

The administration said the objective of the collaborations is to encourage sales of trips to the island among its principal markets, which as well as the UK and Spain are Germany, France and Russia.


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