Talking up Mallorca as safe destination to lure Spanish tourists

STRATEGY: The idea is for travel agencies and tour operators to “publicise Mallorca as a safe, sustainable and quality destination”, the island president explained CREDIT: Consell de Mallorca Noticias

THE Mallorca government is talking up the island as a safe holiday destination pick in a new promotional campaign aimed at the Spanish tourist market.

It is the island administration’s first co-marketing campaign, and is being run by the Mallorca Tourism Foundation together with the travel division of Barcelo Avoris, B The Travel Brand.

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Speaking to press at the campaign launch on Monday, Consell de Mallorca President Catalina Cladera explained it had been designed so that travel agencies and tour operators “can publicise Mallorca as a safe, sustainable and quality destination.”

A further aim remains to make tourism on the island less seasonal, Cladera added.

The Mallorca president also defended the importance of co-marketing campaigns like this one and private-public sector collaborations as a key part of a strategy to promote tourism.

She explained that the campaigns will mainly be online, “but also through more traditional mediums.”

Cladera thanked B The Travel Band for its “effort and courage” at “such a complicated time”, and underlined the need to “sell the Mallorca destination to tourism in all the world, but in this case specifically to national tourism, which is a good, safe customer.”

Barcelo Avoris travel division CEO Vicente Fenollar stressed that Mallorca is a “strategic destination” for the company, not least because the business has its origins on the island.

“We are confident it will be a very productive campaign”, he commented, pointing out that 700 offices throughout Spain will be getting to work on the promotion.

He also made the point that Spanish holidaymakers tend to be somewhat “last minute” in their holiday plans, making now a good time to get the campaign off the ground.

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