Financial help for Mallorca councils’ efforts to ease Covid-19 crisis impact on local economies

FOCUS: The assistance is for measures to boost economic activity and the business structure. CREDIT: Consell de Mallorca Facebook ConselldMca

THE Mallorca government has approved a €2.5 million plan to help local councils with their efforts to ease the impact of the Covid-19 crisis on their localities’ economies.

The collaboration agreement, which comes under the island administration’s ‘Mallorca Activa’ programme, is aimed at municipalities with less than 20,000 inhabitants for measures to boost economic activity and the business structure.

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The Mallorca Activa project will be managed by the Consell’s Presidency department, and will include measures like professional training based on information technology and communication, the promotion of employment based on modernisation, and digital transition towards a more sustainable socio-economic model.

It will also include a training programme for the unemployed in sectors which generate jobs adaptable to the reality of each municipality, among them caring and logistics.

In addition there is a network of agents to provide support and consultation on economic reactivation.

The measures are supported by a Mallorca Active website featuring information on local economic activity and orders approved by administrations on the health and hygiene measures and protocols for each sector in the ‘new normality.’

The Mallorca Activa programme is part of the Consell’s ‘Mallorca Reacciona’ plan for the islands economic and social reactivation.


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