Safe and sustainable key strands to Mallorca tourism promotion

NEW NORMAL: The pandemic “has changed people’s way of life and of travelling and being tourists”, the Consell President commented. CREDIT: Consell de Mallorca Facebook @ConselldeMca

SAFE and sustainable are the key strands to the Mallorca government’s four-year tourism promotion strategy.

It is “focused on the reactivation of tourism on the island following a pandemic which has changed people’s way of life and of travelling and being tourists”, commented Consell de Mallorca President Catalina Cladera following the Mallorca Tourism Foundation’s unanimous approval of the 2020-2023 plan on Friday.

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Cladera explained that the strategy “is the result of 10 months of intense work, the seven initial months and three of the pandemic, in which there have been more than 100 meetings between public and private entities, and at which they have shared their knowledge and opinions in order to design a road map for present and future tourism, where the unanimous commitment to a safe Mallorca, which is prepared and adapted to whoever visits, comes first.”

The result, the island president affirms, is “the strongest tool the Mallorca brand has ever had to project its main industry towards a sustainable future from a triple perspective: social, economic and environmental.”

Among the features of the plan Cladera highlighted are the goal of boosting local and national tourism, of driving the use of new technology to turn the island into an “intelligent” destination, and of selling Mallorca as an island of experiences.

“It is essential that the tourist understands that Mallorca is not just sun and beach”, she said.

The Consell president also commented on the proposal to run a pilot tourism project on Mallorca and the other Balearic Islands in the latter half of this month. She indicated she backed the idea, saying it would “allow for demonstrating the health safety of the island” and “reactivate” hotel occupation.


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