Discounts and offers for pensioners on the Costa del Sol

OFFERS: Registered over 65-year-olds will benefit from a range of discounts in certain salons and shops across Fuengirola. CREDIT: Ayuntamiento de Fuengirola

FUENGIROLA Town Hall is promoting its ‘Mostly With You’ campaign which offers advantages and discounts to pensioners in shops across the town.

FOUR hairdressers have already joined the ‘Mayormente Contigo’ initiative – Nueva Onda (Calle Rioja); AyF (Maestra Aspiazu); Estévez Caballeros Barber Shop (Feria de Jerez) and Nañas y Colores (San Antonio) – and more businesses are expected to sign up in the next few days.

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Fuengirola Town Hall knows (the initiative) will benefit two important groups in our town: the elderly and local shopkeepers. Through the campaign, hairdressers and beauty centres (for example), can offer their services to the over 65 registered, at discounted prices,” said Councillor for Social Welfare and Families, Rocio Rodriguez.

“To date, four establishments have joined, but we are aware of other interested parties.”

All shops and salons taking part will be marked with a distinctive ‘Mayormente Contigo’ sign so that those over 65 know where offers are available.


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