Cleaner Mijas campaign back on the streets

FOCUS: The need to reuse and recycle is the cornerstone of the campaign aimed predominantly at children. CREDIT: Ayuntamiento de Mijas

THE ‘Cleaner Mijas’ campaign aimed at raising awareness among young children hit the streets for the third time this week after a lengthy break due to the coronavirus pandemic.

CHILDREN were invited to visit a fun information table in the town on Tuesday, August 4, as part of the initiative for better waste management launched by the Mijas Town Hall through the Urbaser and Funny Science company.

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“This awareness program seeks to raise awareness among children of the need to reuse and recycle through very dynamic and fun workshops that make this learning a much more enjoyable process,” explained Councillor for Street Cleaning, Laura Moreno.

She added that “this time the information table focused on the importance of reusing the raw materials that we have at home and then recycling them. Children are essential since they usually transfer all the knowledge they have acquired to their homes, including how we should recycle and in which container”.

In coming weeks, the campaign will move around other parts of Mijas.


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